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The supply and purchase of school uniforms has been outsourced to LOWES in Maddington Central. Uniforms can be purchased at the store or online.

Families can either:-

  • visit the store in Maddington Central Shopping centre; or
  • go on to Lowes website https://www.lowes.com.au/schools-online/seaforth-primary-school and order online.

Dress requirements for students enhance the public’s image of our school and have a positive impact on a student’s self esteem.  They also enhance a student’s sense of belonging and pride in the school community.  We encourage all students to wear the correct uniform to school.  At Seaforth Primary School, our students were a unisex uniform.

School Dress Code

  • Red Polo shirt with faction insert colour (blue or green)
  • Navy Blue unisex shorts
  • Navy blue unisex track pants  
  • School Navy Blue zip jacket
  • Navy Blue wide brim hat (reversible with faction colour)
  • Appropriate footwear ( no thongs or high heeled shoes)
  • Students are not permitted to wear jeans unless worn on special occasions as directed by the Principal.
  • The school operates a "no hat no play" policy.


Hair /Jewellery/ makeup

  • Earrings- studs and sleepers only.
  • Items of costume jewellery are not to be worn.
  • When in uniform, no makeup is to be worn.
  • Nail polish is also unacceptable
  • All hair longer than shoulder length should be tied back for health and safety reasons.


Bucket hats and wide brim hats are to be worn at all times while outside in the school ground.

Thongs are not permitted.