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General Information

Collecting Students Early / Messages for students

Parents coming into the school to collect children for appointments or for early release are required to sign out their children on the Ipad in the front office, a staff member will collect children from class and bring them to the office.  Parents are required to sign their children in on the Ipad when returning from the appointment.

Messages must be received at the Administration office on 9234 7850 no later than 2.30pm to ensure messages are delivered before 3pm. Whilst every effort will be made, there is no guarantee that messages will be delivered if received after 2.30pm.

Children will not be collected from the classrooms after 2.50pm – parents/carers will need to wait for the siren.

Lunch and Recess Drop Offs

Visitors are requested to report to the Administration building upon arrival at school. To avoid disruption to classes, parents are welcome to drop their child/ren’s lunches and recess off at the office and we will deliver to the children.  This minimises disruptions to the classrooms.

Children eat their lunch in the designated eating areas.  Parents are asked to please provide a healthy lunch for their children.  

Communication with Parents – Connect

The school encourages and welcomes regular formal and informal communication with parents. During the year we welcome opportunities to meet parents at a number of social, cultural and informative events.  The school will be communicating with parents via Connect (an integrated online environment developed by the Department of Education WA for staff, students and parents in public schools).  Please see school office if you require a login or have any questions regarding the Connect program. 

Student Reports

Formal reports and student portfolios are presented throughout the year.  A formal report will be issued at the end of Term’s 2 and 4.  Parents will be invited to participate in a three-way conference with their child and the teacher during the year. Parent interviews are to be organised through front office or by directly emailing the class teacher.

Parents are encouraged to read and discuss this reporting information with their child and the class teacher.  Upon transfer, reports and portfolios will be forwarded directly to the student’s next school.  Parents will be informed of any changes to this format.

Photo Publication Authority Form

The school has prepared a Photo Publication Authority form.  The purpose of this form is to provide the school with authority for students to appear in publications promoting the school such as newsletters and local or state newspapers as well as the possibility of an appearance in a school based web site at any time during their attendance at Seaforth Primary School.

Excursions and Incursions

Each year the School provides a Circus Challenge incursion to all students in Term 1 plus throughout the year we provide free incursions that support learning. Notices detailing excursion information will be issued prior to the outing. Please sign and return permission slips promptly to acknowledge receipt of this information. Where payment is required for an extracurricular excursion or incursion, this payment must be finalised before the event. Students who have not paid for an excursion will not be permitted to attend. Payment plans can be arranged by contacting Manager Corporate Services. For example, $5 per week for excursions can be paid instead of a lump sum. 

Information and Communication Technology

Seaforth Primary School has adopted a whole school approach with the provision of technology across the curriculum. Access to the latest technologies is provided to all students. All students have Internet access in their classroom. This Internet and e-mail access supports their learning to enhance instruction. As with other resources, the school monitors its use and it is recognised that the students will abide by the given guidelines outlined in our Internet Policy.

Library / Resources

A wide variety of books and audio visual resources are available to meet the children's research and recreational needs. Our library is well stocked with books for all ages and interests.  Our collection is continually growing as we receive new books every month.

Library Borrowing

Pre-primary - Year 4 may borrow one book. The Year 5-6 students may borrow two books.

The borrowing period is seven days. Books may be renewed at the end of the seven days. Children are encouraged to change their books regularly. Books are borrowed during class library period. A clean strong bag must be used by all students to carry their books to and from school to protect the books.

Library Returns

Library material should be returned on or before the due date, however, all books must be returned prior to the commencement of school holiday periods. There are no overdue fines. Parents will be charged for replacement of items their child has lost or damaged. A letter to this effect will be sent home to notify parents.


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