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In accordance with The School Education Act 1999, parents/carers are required to provide an explanation of a student’s absence within three school days from the start of the absence.

It is a legal requirement for children to attend school.  If a child is absent or late for any reason, the school must be notified.  Parents can advise each day their child is absent from school by:

  1. Logging into Compass App and clicking on the “Add Attendance Note” button and completing details.
  2. Emailing their child’s name, class and absence reason to Seaforth.PS@education.wa.edu.au
  3. Replying to SMS sent from school.

Notes and/or medical certificates should be given to the Administration office when students return to school.  Students, whose attendance is deemed by the Principal to place them as an "at risk" student, will be referred to the district attendance officer. Attendance is compulsory for all primary students.